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Autonomy in food, water & energy through sustainable methods via active co-operation and empowering those less-well off.

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My permaculture journey is threefold


Mick Connolly is a Tasmanian trained permaculture designer specialising in edible gardens. He received his PDC from Hannah Moloney of Goodlife Permaculture before returning to finish his university lecturing contract in Henan province China. He then returned to Oz where he participated in Dan Palmers first Advanced Permaculture Design workshop studying permaculture teaching under Rowe Morrow. 
As an educator, Mick has also taught at a kindergarten school in Chiang Mai, conducted an observed teaching practice inside a Thai prison and given free ESL lessons to struggling migrants in Merrylands. 
With his unique teaching gift he hopes to take permaculture design into a new realm encompassing a wholistic approach that will not only guarantee food security but incorporate a boot camp approach for computer crazy kids. He puts his money where his mouth is and is happy to crank out nine hundred crunches before breakfast. He is also a huge fan of Barnados and the Elephant Nature Foundation.

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Wow  ! What  a great experience.  I got so much more info and experience than I would have ever imagined. Thank you. Im now confident to start the design for water retention on our property.

Rod Powell

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