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Michael Connolly

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Michael J Connolly is a Tasmanian trained permaculture designer with a passion for edible gardens. He and his experienced crew offer a comprehensive landscaping service. 

It starts with family. I grew up in Nana Fallons garden. Both edible and pretty. Then I lived in her caravan with my brother where I caught the passion for design. We were customising motorcycles decades before anyone had heard of the dysfunctional American Chopper family. Auntie Dorothys Permaculture library got me into the edible gardening headspace. I annoyed the heck out of my landlord with massive no dig pumpkin overload instead stupid kilometres of lawn. Saw an add for a PDC in Tasmania and left my lecturing gig in China to design permaculture gardens full time.

Core values. Yeah, I like that I can rave on about poor South American countries
utilising old recycle containers for affordable housing unlike our real estate on the brink society 

Vitamin D vs computer burnout, exercise vs obesity, money saving, creativity, FOOD SECURITY, affordable housing, less reliance on fossil fuel/earth damaging businesses 
Permaculture has 3 core values 

- care of the earth

- care of people

- fair share of surplus 

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